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Explore our sweet world and discover our artisanal confections, crafted with passion by our family.

Indulge in the soft delights of our nougats, the exquisite sweetness of our fruit pastes, and the fragrant delicacy of our quince pastes. Each bite reveals the authenticity of our family craftsmanship, offering an unforgettable sweet experience. Gourmet pleasure guaranteed, as at Maligorne Limoux, we celebrate every moment with confections that warm the heart.

Welcome to our sweet and delightful universe, where each flavor is an invitation to joy! 🍬🍯

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Nougats, expertly crafted in bite-sized pieces by Maligorne. Indulge in a local delicacy from the charming town of Limoux! Comes in a 100g pouch.
Dive into the sweet merriment of the Limoux Marshmallow Carnival with our Marshmallows in Cubes, an exquisite celebration of flavors and colors. 12 pieces per bag, totaling 100g.
Immerse yourself in the gourmet authenticity of the Limoux region with our Nougat Bar, a local specialty that combines traditional craftsmanship with an explosion of irresistible flavors. Approximate weight: 65g, hand-cut.
Discover traditional culinary art with our Authentic Quince Paste, a delicacy crafted with care where quince reigns supreme. Weight: 300g