Welcome to Maligorne, your artisanal baker-pastry chef nestled in the heart of Limoux, surrounded by the tradition of Blanquette and the excitement of the carnival.

The Maligorne Family, artisan in Limoux

With 20 years of expertise in the field, our bakery is more than just a business; it is the result of a passion passed down from generation to generation.

At Maligorne Limoux, we take pride in being a close-knit family business, where each member contributes with love and dedication to the delightful art of baking and pastry.

In our establishment, craftsmanship blends harmoniously with a warm atmosphere, creating a place where the enticing smells of fresh bread and pastries straight out of the oven welcome our customers.

Our commitment to quality, authenticity, and personalized service makes every visit to Maligorne Limoux an unparalleled gourmet and family experience.

Come and share our love for good taste and tradition in every bite, because with us, each product is an artisanal work crafted with care and passion.

In detail, here is a brief presentation of each member of our family:

Jérome Maligorne - The captain of flavors

Meet Jérôme, the creative soul behind our delights. At 42, he has been juggling sweet gems and flours since the age of 15.

A handyman at heart, he navigates between boats, ironwork, woodworking, and masonry.

His favorite dessert? Strawberry tart, of course!

He's the one you see most often on TikTok.

Audrey - The Gourmet balance

At 42, Audrey, Jérôme's partner in crime, orchestrates our team with brilliance.

Her journey, starting at the age of 15 in the kitchen, naturally led her to pastry.

Passionate as ever, her guilty pleasure remains the Paris Brest.

Evans - The Bear with Claws

At just 18 years old, Evans, nicknamed the 'Bear with Claws,' is our young prodigy. A relentless sweet tooth, he has chosen to fully embrace the sweet path of baking.

His favorite dessert? Crispy chocolate.

Yet another familiar face on the TikTok network... remember when you made him eat a millefeuille !

Loan - also nicknamed Lolo

At 14, Loan joins the battle of taste as soon as he leaves the school benches.

A rugby enthusiast, he carves his own path in the art of pastry.

His favorite dessert, vanilla strawberry, speaks volumes about his sweet nature

And of course, our entire team that accompanies us every day to delight you.

Our Values, Our Commitment

At Maligorne, we cultivate values deeply rooted in artisanal tradition, shared indulgence, and the love of a job well done.

Every product we create embodies our commitment to quality, crafted with care from locally sourced, carefully selected ingredients.

  • Family Craftsmanship: We continue a family legacy where each creation is shaped with love and dedication.
  • Authentic Indulgence: Our love for delicious flavors shines through in every bite of our sweet delights.
  • Sharing and Conviviality: We believe in the magic that comes from sharing a good dessert, creating memorable moments.

We take pride in knowing our ingredient suppliers, as exemplified by our visit to the Maury mill in Sorèze, an artisan miller for 3 generations.

Our Delights in the Spotlight

Every bite is a story, and we are delighted to share it with you.

Our locally sourced, high-quality products are meticulously chosen to satisfy the most discerning palates.

Discover our delights:

  • Artisan pastries
  • Divine and crispy viennoiseries
  • Breads crafted with passion
  • Enchanting chocolates
  • Seasonal products to brighten your special moments

They talk about us

Maligorne Limoux is much more than a local bakery; it is a true sweet institution.

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